Figura was founded in 1972 by the name of Byggningen arkitekter AB. In 1987 we changed name to today´s Figura arkitekter AB. Figura works in a broad field, spanning from buildings and interior design to product and graphic design. Figura is employing 10 people whereof eight are architects, one engineer and one is in charge of the economy. We have through the years worked both in Sweden and abroad. We worked with projects in Korea and Italy for Moby Lines, in Vancouver for BC Ferries and all over Europe. In Sweden we mainly work on the west coast. In Gothenburg we work for Stena Line, Stena property and Parkeringsbolaget and locally with Partille-Bo with schools, service centers etc.Concerning interior design, we nowadays often work with a whole design concept, i.e. from the interior design, via signs, uniforms etc. to menues and other graphic production. This way the owner gets a continuity in the whole concept that we produce together with the owner.